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Gut Enghagen - a family business

We, the Großeiber family, and our small team run Gut Enghagen with lots of love, joy, care and dedication—to make sure you and your family feel completely at home and spend an unforgettable family or riding vacation in our hotel and at our farm. Here you can get to know your hosts a little bit better in advance.

Stefan </br>Großeiber


In April 2018, we took over the family business. You can find me at the reception and working around the house or the agriculture. In the evening, I enjoy pouring you a glass of wine and having nice talks with our guests. I love to spend my free time with our children or hunting.

Barbara </br>Großeiber


I took over the business from my parents in April 2018 with my husband. Our family (3 children) lives on site at Gut Enghagen. I am responsible for horse riding, riding trips and the children's program. Normally, I cook lunch for you and serve the dinner in the evening. Besides that, I like spending time with our children, going for a run or skiing.

Manfred </br>Schmidleitner


In 1994, I took over the business from my parents and officially retired in April 2018, although I of course continue to support Barbara and Stefan wherever I am needed. I show the guests around in our beautiful area during family hikes or guide rides. Also, I know many beautiful trails in our region and am more than happy to help you!

Christa </br>Schmidleitner


I am part of the team since 1994 and the first up in the morning to prepare your breakfast. Sometimes I guide family hikes, and I cook on our cook Hannes’s day off!

Aom </br>(masseuse)


I have been at Gut Enghagen since April 2012 and would like to welcome you to the hotel's wellness area. I come from Thailand and learned the 3000-year-old and proven craft of traditional Thai massage or Thai yoga massage at the famous Royal Thai Massage School "Wat Pho".

Hannes Hörandtner </br>(cook)

Hannes Hörandtner

I have been taking care of the well-being of our guests since Christmas in 2012. December 2016, me and my wife Aom (the masseuse at Gut Enghagen) became the proud parents of our daughter Alice. Due to my international kitchen experience, I like to cook dishes from foreign countries in addition to the down-to-earth Austrian cuisine. In my free time, I go hunting, travel with my daughter Alice or we visit my parents in Grießkirchen!

Fehima </br>(kitchen)


I'm originally from Bosnia, but I've been living at Gut Enghagen with my husband since 2020. In the meantime, I have become very rooted here in the Pyhrn-Priel region and already am the right hand of our chef Hannes in the kitchen!

Isabella </br>(service)


I have been a service team member at Gut Enghagen since July 2019. Since I am from Spital / Pyhrn, only 9 km away, I love to give you some great destination tips for trips as well. Since I have a little daughter, I am here for you at breakfast or lunch.

Karo </br>(service)


As a neighbor of the Großeiber family, I have been there for you at breakfast on Saturdays since 2022 and also take turns preparing breakfast with Christa! I'm originally from Carinthia, as you might be able to tell from my dialect. I have two daughters and in my free time I like to play volleyball, go hunting or visit my family in Carinthia!

Ivo </br>(Service)


I joined the service team here at Gut Enghagen at the beginning of 2020 and am usually there for you in the afternoons or evenings. I have Bosnian and Croatian roots, but my family only lives about an hour away from here. I'm always happy to attend soccer matches with you, and I look forward to nice chats at the bar or with a coffee!

Mira </br>(rooms)


Originally, I am from Serbia, where I learned tailoring. Now I have been working as a maid at Gut Enghagen for 11 years. I especially like making the kid's beds, which I decorate lovingly with their toys and stuffed animals.

Branka </br>(rooms, dishwashing)

(rooms, dishwashing)

I was born in Serbia, but since 2021 I have been living here at Gut Enghagen for part of the year and look after the rooms and do the dishwashing together with Mira and Sladjana. I have two sons and love to laugh a lot!

Sladjana </br>(rooms, dishwashing)

(rooms, dishwashing)

I came to Gut Enghagen from Serbia in spring 2023 and am also responsible for your rooms and dishwashing. I'm usually back in Serbia for three months of the year, and the rest of the time I'm here for you. Barbara often says I'm a "little tornado" because I'm always on the move and there when needed!

Nici </br>(riding instructor)

(riding instructor)

Since 2016 I have been working as a riding instructor at Gut Enghagen in the summer and since 2021 I am working in the stables all year round. I am a trained master tailor and work 2 days a week in my workshop in Windischgarsten. The combination is perfect for me and it's nice to be able to pursue my hobbies at work too. When I'm not near the horses or in the tailor's shop, I'm playing fistball or training with the girls from the carnival guard!



Many of you may already know me, since I’m no spring chicken anymore! Feel free to pet me as much as you like. During winter, I prefer to sleep in the post basket, while during summer, I’m out hunting mice or visiting you!



I have been living here at Enghagen since December 2022. I am really looking forward to meet other dogs who can play with me. In case you find a cone outside, you can throw it for me and I'll bring it back safely ;)

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